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Showcase your brand using branded and personalised Christmas Gifts

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Branded promotional goods can play a key role in your company’s brand and marketing strategy and planning. Thanking your customers and employees for their business and hard work can have a significant impact on relationships and how your company is perceived.

Branded Christmas Gifts Promotional
Branded Christmas Gifts

Christmas branded gifts

Whilst using your branding on promotional giveaways or things like employee and customer welcome boxes is important throughout the year, Christmas can be a valuable time of the year to thank both your clients and employees.

Corporate Christmas gifts

Many people leave it until December to think about corporate Christmas gifts, which can often be late to think about what you want to give to customers or staff and have time to carefully review all the options and plan.

With so much choice in corporate Christmas gifts, the sooner you start planning, the better.

Here at Acorn Creative Print, our Christmas planning and conversations can start as early as the summer with some of our clients, depending on their needs.

What is the objective of your corporate Christmas gifts?

It’s worth thinking about what you are trying to achieve when giving out Christmas gifts.

It could be a simple thank you to all your customers or maybe you want something more personalised for your key clients?

Alternatively, you may want to help your team members enjoy their family Christmas, so your gift needs to benefit their whole family and not just the individual.

Alternatively, you may want to consider employee wellbeing, so make the gift targeted to that objective.

Will you be handing your gifts out in person? If not, consider easy ‘letterbox’ gifts, that won’t involve someone being at home to take delivery.

Benefits of branded corporate Christmas gifts

Whilst sending your customers or employees a Christmas gift can be a nice gesture, there are more business benefits than you might consider initially. We explore the business benefits below of giving branded Christmas gifts.

Branded Christmas gifts show you go the extra mile

With so many companies sending Christmas cards or even just email Christmas greetings these days, it will differentiate you if you go the extra mile and send a branded Christmas gift. Branded Christmas gifts can elevate your company in the hearts and minds of both your employees and your customers.

Many customers will receive a high volume of business Christmas cards or seasonal messages and they may just get lost in the crowd. When your Christmas gift arrives, it can instantly help you stand out from the crowd.

Improve employee and customer retention

HR surveys have showed that employees and clients can feel more valued on receiving a corporate Christmas gift.

Personalised gifts can mean your employees and customers are less likely to either look for a new role or a new supplier. Christmas gifts can make people feel more appreciated.

Whilst they won’t necessarily help you to retain unhappy employees or clients, they can strengthen relationships or just add that extra touch of care to a relationship.

Personalised Christmas gifts can take your care up a notch

By personalising your gifts to key clients and employees can be an additional level of detail that makes each individual feel even more appreciated and special. Many gifts can be personalised with names etc., or they can also be personalised via the contents for example of each box etc.

Corporate Christmas gifts to support employee wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is an essential area for companies to prove their credentials and corporate branded gifts can play a key role in an employee wellbeing programme throughout the year.

There are products that encourage wellbeing including things such as mental health kits, wellbeing boxes, stress relievers, mindfulness kits or sleep kits. Improving the wellbeing of your employees with corporate gifts, can make your team feel less stressed, more cared for and valued, as well as healthier.

Corporate promotional goods to improve brand loyalty

Branded corporate Christmas gifts can increase brand loyalty. Whether that’s turning your clients into brand advocates or your employees into brand ambassadors, corporate branded gifts can help you to enhance brand loyalty.

If you’ve invested money in creating a strong brand with a great logo, colours and fonts then branded gifts allow you another opportunity to show appreciation whilst showing off your brand.

Branded promotional gifts can increase your audience

Often, we see gifts that we’ve produced posted on social media by their clients or employees with a public thank you for the gift.

Whilst this shouldn’t be your reason for doing them, producing beautifully branded gift boxes, that visually look great can be a fantastic way for your clients and employees to say thank you by photographing the gift and sharing it on their own social media channels, thereby meaning your brand can be seen by an increased audience.

Christmas gifts to reconnect

As with our more distant family members, Christmas can be a great time to reconnect with people you haven’t spoken to or seen for a while. If you’ve got customers that you haven’t communicated with for a while, then why not use Christmas as the opportunity to do this by sending them a great branded Christmas gift to reconnect.

How can you brand and personalise business Christmas gifts?

There’s an extensive range of products that can be branded and personalised. Whether it’s something simple and less expensive like branded chocolate advent calendars, or more expensive items like champagne boxes or wellbeing boxes, the list of ways to brand and personalise your corporate gifts are huge. Why not talk to us to find out more?

Christmas can be a great time to thank your customers, clients or employees at the end of a year and keep them engaged and connected for the coming year. They can give your business a marketing edge, show you care, stand out from the competition and be front of mind.

Choose Acorn Creative for your personalised branded Christmas gifts

At Acorn Creative we’re experts in branded Christmas gifts and corporate promotional goods. Whether it’s chocolate advent

calendars for every client or employee, right up to high quality personalised Christmas gifts, we can offer support, advice and a full range of Christmas gifts.

Contact us to today to discuss ideas and get a quote for your corporate Christmas gifts.

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