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The power of print in a digital world

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

You may be forgiven for thinking that in this digital world, print is dead! Here at Acorn Creative Print, we’re living proof that print certainly isn’t dead. We have many customers who understand what the power of print can bring to their brand and how it enhances their online digital presence.

Past neuroscience studies have shown that paper has advantages in connecting with our brains. In studies, it was found that hard copy and direct mail was easier to process mentally and tested better for brand recall.

Whilst we know that print isn’t the only media out there in the marketing world, we see many of our customers using printed material alongside digital campaigns to create a truly cross-channel approach to their marketing.

Print can enhance digital marketing campaigns and leave people with something tangible, memorable and that has a longer shelf life than online marketing like social posts.

Print as part of cross-channel marketing

Marketers need to treat print as a core part of their cross-channel marketing. Separating print and digital can be a mistake.

Print can add to the customer experience and indeed drive traffic to digital channels. For example, QR codes on printed material have seen a resurgence in recent years and are a quick and powerful way to drive traffic to a website. Think about the hospitality industry that now include QR codes on hard copy menu’s allowing people to order online, driving traffic to the website and encouraging people to find out more about the brand, as well as ordering food and drink.

Print stimulates emotional engagement

Print marketing can stimulate emotional engagement between a brand and its customers and potential customers. Think how you feel if you receive an unexpected gift through the post or a beautiful magazine or brochure full of high-quality imagery and interesting content.

Think about how as consumers many of us still use printed material for the most important times in our lives. Whether it’s sending our loved one’s birthday cards, sending out wedding invitations, new baby announcement cards. We do this because it stirs emotions and makes the people receiving it feel special.

Benefits of print marketing

There are some clear benefits of printed marketing material:

1) Our brains prefer and engage better with print

2) It provides and emotional and sensory experience

3) People consider print to be authentic and it helps to build trust

4) Print can last forever or certainly have a very long shelf life

5) It can be eco-friendly

6) Print can be cost-effective

7) It is accessible to everyone, even those with limited digital skills

8) It can differentiate you as so many brands use only online marketing

9) Many people find it easier to read

10) It can produce better response rates

What’s your print strategy?

Think about the customers you want to target, their demographics, locations etc. Think about your potential print budget and work with a print partner to get the best value from that budget.

Consider the customer journey and experience and how your print marketing and digital marketing will interact and complement one another.

Make sure you have a clear follow up plan for your print marketing to get the best results and return on investment.

Find the right print partner

Here at Acorn Creative Print, we build long term relationships with our customers, really get to know them and their businesses. We go above and beyond for all our customers and there’s no job we can’t find a solution too.

We offer solutions, quality products, state of the art technology, strong customer relationships and straight-talking advice. We understand the power or print for brands and will work with you to find the best and most cost-effective print solutions for your business.

Why not contact us today to have a chat about how print could elevate your brand.

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